How to use the mask

  1. Wash your hands before opening the packaging
  2. Open the packaging take the mask and filter out
  3. Put one filter inside the mask
  4. Make sure the filter is straight and not crooked
  5. Make sure the nose bend is in the middle, you can feel a rigid part on top of the mask this the part that rests on your nose
  6. The chin cover is the side that has no rigid bend
  7. Adjust the nose bend by giving it a gentle push on your nose
  8. Earloops are also adjustable if you need a looser or tighter fit
  9. If the earloop adjustment isn’t enough for you simply remove the adjustment clip at the end of the earloop
  10. Masks should be worn and removed by earloops avoided touching the mask as much as possible

How to wash

  • This recommendation is based on average usage
  • clean your hands
  • Start by removing the filter ( this is a good time to change the filter )
  • Mix a small amount of mild detergent with water
  • Rinse the mask a few give it a gentle scrub, our masks are made from none woven cotton, do not machine was the mask as it will damage the non-woven layer
  • wash your hands again
  • Let it dry
  • wash your hands
  • Insert a new filter
  • Your mask is cleaned and ready to use
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