Valved Vs Non-Valved

With the recent discussions about valved masks not being safe, we wanted to say that is not the case for our masks! our masks don’t directly vent you exhaled air out of the mask, our mask is made with 3 layers and the filter that gets inserted in the mask filter pocket there are multiple layers between the mouth and the exhalation valve that filter and catch particles, we designed and made our masks to comfortable and usable while being safe for you and others, in our masks exhaled air is fileted, and the valve closes and doesn’t let air in,

While we have our mask in valved and non-valved models we wanted to point out the differences, exhalation valve help remove the hot exhaled air and condensation out of the mask quicker, while the mask layer and filter catch particles and droplets before it reaches the exhalation valve. they also help reduce glass fogging

No-Valve Option:

we have both valved and non-valved model with the only difference being the exhalation valve

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